The Diving Reflex

How To Change Your Mental State – In Seconds


Anxiety can impact any one of us at any point whether you have experienced it or not.  In its extreme form anxiety can present itself as a panic attack.  In brief, we experience some form of anxiety when our brains are unable to process information and we feel uneasy, worried or afraid. 

Signs of anxiety can include:

  • being irritable
  • feeling tension in your body
  • feeling on edge
  • experiencing sleep issues – too much or not enough
  • unable to control worrying
  • unable to concentrate or process information
  • fast breathing
  • increased heart rate


In you are experiencing anxiety and need a quick hack to help you, The Diving Reflex could be your key to help give that all-important speech, confront someone or deal with a challenging situation.

What it is?

In its simplest form it is a splash of water to your face – or holding your face under water for a period of time.

How does it work?

When our face comes into contact with water, receptors that are in the nasal cavities are activated resulting in a complete closure of the airways.

And what does that do?

Closure of the airways triggers a number of physiological changes in the body to conserve oxygen. These changes include an immediate slowing down of your heart rate.  Over a longer period, submersion into water can significantly reduce your heart rate as seen here in this clip.




The Dive Reflex – Heart Rate


Please let us know how you get on!