Selfcare, for men…..


Why on earth would you read what some stranger has to say about self care, let alone spend your precious time doing it? Why indeed? If this blog has caught your attention and you are going to commit the time to read it, we believe you’re probably one of two people – you’re either curious to find out what this new skincare brand is all about and what it has to say. Or you want to help that man in your life who might have got lost somewhere along the way. 

That man could be you!

Guys it’s 2022! As a species we have evolved so much over the years.  An article in the newspaper or a blog about selfcare for men would have been laughed at 100, 50 or even 20 years ago. Even today, you can even hear some men scoff, ‘that stuff ain’t for me!’.. Maybe it isn’t….but maybe, it just is. 

In recent years, there has definitely been a shift in perception towards men’s grooming and self care.  And quite rightly so! The ripples have been slow, but definitely evident.  Men are starting to see the importance and that it’s not just a ‘woman’s thing’.

At Aremti we are passionate about a holistic approach to well being and, of course, skincare. Trying to sell you a face wash or a moisturiser would fall very short of what Aremti stands for, what our message is and even how we came about as a business.  We want to take the modern man on a journey with us.  As the brand evolves, so does the impact it can have on our men!

Aremti‘s founder, Manny Tsakanika,  has the most physically demanding career.  Nobody with such a gruelling schedule would survive long without some form of discipline.  And life has not come without its intense challenges and pain for him which he is still learning to navigate. The brand and its message is clearly very close to his heart.


For our first blog, we have put together some simple changes that you can make in your life to ensure you are taking good care of number one!

When you take care of yourself and your needs, you are also better able to meet the needs of others.


It doesn’t have to be complicated!





Moisturisers by Aremti – Skincare For Men


Even though men have a slight advantage in that their skin is usually thicker and has more elastin, they don’t tend to care of it resulting in many issues such as acne, dermatitis, eczema or even intensely oily skin.  Skin is our body’s first line of defence and a gauge for what is going on internally. It’s the first thing you look at in the mirror in the morning and what others see.  Establish a quick and simple, yet effective daily routine using products packed with  vitamins and nutrients provided by Mother Nature.  Wash with a quality face wash and be sure to moisturise with the correct moisturiser for your skin type.



Are you getting enough quality sleep?

  Enough Sleep

At Aremti, we’re all about encouraging you to be the best version of yourself.  Getting by with a few hours will do just that ‘get you by’, but in the long term isn’t good for your health.  Doctors recommend the average adult needs 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to maintain positive mental and physical health. Anything less consistently can have detrimental effects on your body and mental health. 


Add more fun and laughter into your life



Is Aremti really suggesting laughing is good for my health? Absolutely! When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Remember how you felt after? That’s because your body released endorphins (feel good hormones) into your blood stream.  Laughter is known to reduce stress and that’s probably why Laughter Yoga has become so popular.  Ok so it might not be realistic to belly laugh all the time, but do ensure you inject as much fun and light heartedness into your day. Remember the cliché, ‘Life is Short’? It really is! 



Eat well – and fresh


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates was telling us this about 400BC and we still haven’t got it. 

The foods we choose to eat have an incredible impact on us, not only physically but mentally. Today’s fast pace life means we are often reaching for quick fixes, but with a bit of planning and thought you could change what you eat and buy things that boost your well being.  These changes can be gradual. Afterall at Aremti we believe in reeducation. 



Get moving



Do we really need to do high intensity workouts to be take care of our physical fitness?  This you’ll need to judge for yourself and with a fitness or health professional to establish what your short and long-term goals are, but what can definitely be sure of is that exercise, especially outdoors, is good for the body and mind.  Exercise is known to have many benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, improving memory and brain function. Get outside in nature as much as possible and take long walks or bike rides to clear the cobwebs. 

Learn to say no

Accept limitations 

Learning when to say no is one of the hardest things for a man. Learning boundaries and limitations can be very challenging especially when in a pressurised environment at work, or at home with family commitments.  To put it bluntly, you are no good to anyone burnt out. Learning to set your boundaries may take time and practice, but when achieved will give you so much more peace of mind. 



Make time for number one  



When was the last time you truly relaxed? When was the last time you completely switched off? Nowadays, we are conditioned to go, go, go all day every day, then stop for a holiday, a break or when we are ill.  Learning to relax may be alien to many of you, but once you realise the importance there is no going back. The benefits to your mind and body are incredible. If you’re not sure where to start, learn to be still – even for a few minutes. If that’s too hard close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing making sure you are breathing slowly and deeply. If you can’t do that, start with a warm bath before bed. Whatever you do, commit to starting somewhere.


Drink plenty of clean, fresh water

  Enough water 

Several factors determine the amount of water you should drink including outside temperature, the amount of exercise you do and your physical size, but on average an adult male should aim to consume at least 8 large glasses of water a day (around 3 litres). Many men fall very short of that target thinking if they consume the same in canned drinks or coffee, their job is done. The best way to tell if you are getting enough water is by the colour of your urine. It should be a pale yellow. Prolonged dark urine can cause serious health issues and make your skin look sallow and dehydrated.





Ultimately we have no control over what life throws at us. If you think you can, you are seriously mistaken. It’s a journey of twists and turns filled with good and painful experiences. Many unpredictable.  What we definitely do have control over is what we think and feel. And of course how we treat ourselves. 

That’s why Aremti encourages S.E.L.F.C.A.R.E.


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