The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling Soap


We all know the story of the ugly duckling by Hans Christian Andersen. It was mocked and ridiculed for being ugly and different and was then ostracized.  This poor little duckling then wandered sad and lonely…until one day it discovered it wasn’t a duck afterall.  It was a swan!


What’s the moral of this story?


  • It’s ok to be different?
  • We aren’t all the same?
  • Accept yourself for who you are?
  • You are better than others think?
  • Looks can be deceiving?


In this fast-paced world, our minds are bombarded with thousands of  images.  Social media has trained us to get quicker and quicker at scanning through images. Instagram is a platform for sharing images and we thumb through mindlessly until something catches our eye. It could be a flawless photoshopped model, or one of millions of perfectly photoshopped products for sale.  Then when we go shopping for food we are given a choice of ‘perfect’ fruits and veg to buy.  Naturally we get turned off by that misshapen carrot or wonky apple.

We have been trained that way.

Test this for yourself when you go shopping.  Are you more likely to reach for that ‘perfect’ piece of fruit? Have you ever wondered why?


With our launch range, Aremti introduced two bars of handmade soap, one called  Detoxifying Green Tea and Clay Soap.

As any brand or marketing expert will tell you, the images of your products need to be the very best.  They need to be photographed, photoshopped and your products must be made to look just perfect.  As consumers, we make decision in seconds.  Our brains go through a series of unconscious processes and we mostly buy on emotions – this is called emotional buying.  Malcolm Gladwell goes into much more detail about the unconscious mind in his book Blink.  An interesting read.



And also, rather controversially, men and women tend to have slightly different shopping habits too. We won’t go into that in too much detail as  Michael Lewis does this quite well in his recent article

At Aremti, we are all about being true to what we believe.  We believe nature gives us most of what we need.  We thought long and hard about how our soap would be received because, quite frankly, in today’s image-driven world, it is not the prettiest one!  It’s pale grey/green, has loads of ‘bits’ in it, is hand cut and is therefore naturally misshapen.



This soap is our ‘Ugly Duckling’ on the left.  Standing next to our  Exfoliating Lemon and Poppy Seed Soap 


Any photoshopping to our soap would make is look something it really isn’t. It is definitely NOT:

  • Perfect in dimensions
  • Symmetrical
  • The same as any other bar you will get from us
  • Beautifully moulded
  • Made by a machine
  • Made with artificial additives
  • Flawless


What we can guarantee is it is:

  • 100% Natural 
  • Hand Made
  • Hand Cut
  • Fresh Smelling 
  • Made with Detoxifying Bentonite Clay
  • Made with Green Tea High in Antioxidants
  • Made in the UK
  • Palm Oil FREE
  • Paraben and Sulphate FREE
  • Zero/Nada/Niente/Non/Kein Waste 
  • Free of Artificial Fragrances, Just Essential Oils


And Guys LOVE it:

“… the perfect morning wake up call”   GQ Magazine

“… a really lovely smell” Carl S

“ … high-quality soap…” Kevin L

“This soap is fantastic. No dry skin. 5 stars” Dan T


And in buying it, you are supporting your skin, the environment and an independent UK business and the UK suppliers we use.


Let’s make a conscious decision to move back to products packed with ingredients nature intended for us and that our bodies will thank us for!


Now available for just £10 delivered to your door 100% wonky!